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Spyware Removal and Detection:

Spybot - Search & Destroy - Spybot is the Tech choice for removing nasty spyware programs. If your PC is having wierd internet problems, pop-up ads, or acting strange, you may have some spyware installed. If you run this, there is a chance that some software may stop working properly (Kazaa, Weatherbug, etc). Installation and How-To instructions will be up here soon! Direct Download links: (1)

Lavasoft Adaware - Adaware is another spyware removal program. Adaware frequently updates their software, so make sure to update yoru copy before performing a scan!
Direct Download links: Win 2K/XP (1) (2) Win 95/98/ME (1) (2) - submitted by Ana C.

Pest Patrol - Although it isn't free, it seems to be one of the best removal tools out there. It has detected some spyware that Spybot and Adaware have missed. Trial version is available: (1)

Bazooka - Another spyware scanner. This one is also free, but like PestScan, it will not remove the spyware. It will give you instructions on how to manually remove it though.

HijackThis - The HijackThis program is almost a requirement for seeing running processes and startup info. It can be used to track down spyware programs running in the background of Windows.

HijackThis Log Analyzer - Once you have run HijackThis, you can cut and paste the log file into this online analyzer and it can help you determine what spyware or malware you have installed on your computer.